What Time Does Chick Fil A Serve Lunch?


Chick-fil-A is famous for its Original Chicken Sandwich and crispy nuggets, but did you know they also offer breakfast and dinner items?

This week, Chick-fil-A of Victorville opened their doors for dine-in, carryout and drive-thru service.


Chick fil A offers an array of menu items sure to tantalize your taste buds. Popular options include Chicken Biscuits, Breakfast Sandwiches, Hash Brown Scramble Burritos and Fruit Cups.

Chick fil A offers more than just breakfast with their lunch and dinner menus. Their classic chicken sandwich, deluxe and spicy chicken sandwiches, chargrilled club sandwiches, nuggets and strips are just some of the items available to choose from – not to mention chicken wraps/salads/waffle potato fries/chicken tortilla soups for lunch or dinner!

For children, the lunch menu offers plenty of choices. Kids meals feature smaller portions of popular items and there are plenty of kid-friendly desserts. Adults can indulge in burgers, salads and Chick Fil A milkshakes – everyone’s favorite!

One of the signature dishes on the Chick Fil A menu is the iconic Chick Fil A Chicken Sandwich. Hand-breaded and pressure cooked to perfection in refined peanut oil that contains no trans fats, this sandwich comes topped with two dill pickle chips and cucumber slices for extra flavor and freshness.

For those watching their weight, this is an ideal option as it contains low amounts of calories, carbs and fat.

For customers seeking something more substantial, the grilled chicken salad is available. Made from tender parts of a chicken breast and seasoned with special seasonings, it is then grilled to perfection and served on a toasted bun.


Chick fil A’s lunch menu offers an abundance of delectable items. Whether you’re in the mood for some grilled chicken, a nutritious salad or something sweet, Chick fil A has something to please everyone’s palette. In addition to their signature sandwiches, there’s also burgers, salads and wraps as well as hot dogs of every variety. Plus there’s an impressive selection of sodas and juices too. And don’t forget about dessert – Chickfil A offers milkshakes and chocolate chip cookies as well.

The main attraction here is the quality of their food. Their grilled chicken is made with premium ingredients like high-quality meat, veggies and seasonings, while their iced tea and coffee programs are top notch as well. While most locations don’t have their own kitchens, they do have a catering department for special event needs. Plus, both food and drinks come at reasonable prices with generous discounts offered.


Chick fil a offers an array of delicious and healthy fast food items. In addition to their signature chicken sandwiches, nuggets, strips and more, customers can find waffle fries, salads, chicken tortilla soup, burgers and more at this popular chain restaurant.

For both lunch and dinner, The Restaurant offers a wide variety of choices. Enjoy your favorite chicken sandwich or spicy chicken sandwich for lunch, followed by grilled chicken club sandwich or chargrilled chicken salad for dinner.

Chick fil A offers several dessert options, such as milkshakes, sundaes or Icedream cups or cones. For something extra special, they even have Frosted Caramel Coffee which is only available during certain hours of operation.

Chick fil A is renowned for its chicken sandwiches and nuggets, available both for lunch and dinner. Each chicken breast is lightly seasoned and hand-breaded before being pressure cooked in 100% refined peanut oil before being topped off with two dill pickle chips and a cucumber slice.

Chick-fil-A Nuggets can also be ordered as a side salad or fruit dish for guests to enjoy. These dishes are popular among kids as well.


When in search of a fast and delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner, this fast food joint has what you need in no time. Their menu boasts some of the tastiest chicken and salad dishes in town as well as top-notch burgers with double buns and toppings from top chefs in town.

Plus they serve some of the finest milkshakes around as well as an impressive selection of iced teas and coffees that connoisseurs will appreciate. Don’t forget about dessert either; they have their own fancy-free drinks of the day as well as fantastic frozen sundaes worth exploring further.

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